Physical and Virtual Exhibition

Yan Huang Museum, Beijing

Following on from the previous News post, this is a screenshot from the virtual tour of this exhibition at the Yan Huang museum in Beijing. As mentioned, during my participation in August 2019 at the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale, a group of artists were taken out to sketch in the landscape. Later we were invited to create paintings based on our sketches. Mine, called 'Waterfalls of Colour,' was selected for this large exhibition but at the last minute due to Covid-19, our works could not be shipped. Instead we had to send high resolution photos of the artwork which were printed at the size of the painting, framed and exhibited. It was a novel way to get around the cancellation of shipping and has allowed our work to be seen along with its statement.

The virtual tour allows us to move around the whole exhibition. It was wonderful to get an idea of how my work was hung, Please click on image for larger view.