'Nicosia and Washing.'
'Nicosia and Washing.'
A link to my recently published novel.
I have published a novel on Kindle books (Amazon), and it is called THE JAGGED GREEN LINE. My novel is set in Cyprus, during a period of change and upheaval from 1984 to 1998. It is a portrait of a country seen through an artist's eyes, as she falls in love with a Cypriot and learns about the history of the country through her encounters with local people. Josie struggles to balance her ambitions as an artist with adapting to a new environment and the ensuing dilemmas. She also learns about the reality of living in a divided city. My novel follows the connections between people and events in Josie's life, and portrays love in its many guises. Josie's choices set in motion a sequence of events that lead to life changing consequences.

I have loved writing this novel. At times the creative process overlapped with my painting experiences. My book may be found on Amazon, in the Kindle books section, under either THE JAGGED GREEN LINE, or FIONA STANBURY