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Your book

I have just finished reading your book and had to look you up on Google. I will have to read it all again now I've actually seen the paintings. Loved the book and like you, love Cyprus too. We have just bought somewhere in Lysos up in the hills above Polis and cannot wait to retire there.
Jane Harley

your website

Hi, Fiona,
Just to tell you how impressed I am by your artwork and achievements... your way of explaining too.
Moi, je ne suis qu'un amateur, amoureux d'art, et de la langue anglaise and a very old man , too...
best wishes, ML
Marc Larivière

your work/website

Hi Fiona
What an impressive website and lovely artwork, I am impressed. Really like your paintings, the Gallery is ncely done. I thought you may want to know that if you look up your website on a Iphone the first page has a blank where the artwork should be. the gallery works OK, but just no artwork on the opening page. Look forward to seeing you next Thurs.

Interesting work

Nice to see your work, I too explore colour in an abstract way, and have been troubled by whether this is now considered contemporary by the marketplace, or rooted in a past era of abstract expressionist or colourfield painting, so it is nice to see it practiced and accepted. I noticed your reference to Hans Hoffman, and his apparent influence on your work, I was made aware of a contemporary of his the other day whom you may know of, Ernst Wilhelm Nay and the painting in question was "Das Freiburger Bild" which you may find of interest.
Kelvin Harvey
Kelvin Harvey

Axis Database

Hi Fiona
Just read a blog by you about Axis throwing a third of its original contributors off. Thank you for stating these facts. I am one of those, personally chosen and paid for originally by East Midlands Arts. I feel traumatised by what has happened and by the ignorant and insulting letter sent to me (e.g. I could go on the SAA website instead). I am only just beginning to feel OK again and to feel angry at my treatment. Thank you for speaking out.
Best wishes
Mary Byrne

Good work

Glad to see you're still producing those beautiful paintings of yours
Betsy Grant

Women in the Turkish Baths

I find it so amazing that you can see all that color in your "inner vision" when you paint. I am very moved by your artistic sensibility.
Betsy Grant

Love Your Work

Left you a message on your blogsite. Not sure if you check it. I absolutely love your work. Please visit me at for a place to express your artistic viewpoints. Can also visit if you would like to hear my music.
Betsy Grant



your paintings

I like your artwork