My artist's Blog 'DIARY OF AN ARTIST.'
In the studio
Diary of an Artist

I have kept a blog since 2009 and my life has changed a lot since then! This blog describes some of my painting ideas, my exhibitions, and everything connected with my artwork and evolving direction, along with many photos.

Past posts include essays about my painting residency at the Great Wall of China, for the month of August, 2016 along with photos of my studio and evolving artworks. There are also reviews on the 6th and 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, as a participant, and information about other exhibitions I am taking part in.

Interspersed with these reviews are posts about my current work, my approach and changing ideas, and thoughts about my artwork. From my first posts in 2009, my artwork and ideas have changed quite considerably. I called my blog 'Diary of an Artist' because it follows my personal journey.