Large painting selected for the Turner Contemporary gallery's exhibition 'Open.'

Turner Contemporary gallery exhibition 'Open.'

My large painting 'Coexistence' is currently in the exhibition 'Open' at the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate. My painting is 100 x 140 cm, oil and acrylic on canvas. My theme concerns our eternal connections to one another and nature. We all read newspapers no matter where we live in the world and some of the themes featured on the front of the newspapers depict contemporary issues such as protecting nature, the security of a home, relationships, and flooding. Human relationships are also suggested by the teapot and the passage of time by the butterfly.

The exhibition runs from 23rd October 2021 to February 20th 2022. There are 4 galleries and each one has been curated by a different organisation. The gallery my painting is in has been curated by Age UK. My painting has also been reproduced on postcards and mini prints.

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