'The Chinese Countryside Through the Eyes of World Artists, ' exhibition at Yan Huang Museum, Beijing, in late September

Selected for Exhibition in Beijing Art Museum

When I was in Beijing in August 2019 as a participant at the Beijing International Art Biennale (the largest biennale in the world) 30 artists were invited to go outside Beijing to sketch. I painted alone from a high wooden tower with ink on paper, Some months later we were all invited to make paintings from our sketches for this exhibition. I worked from a composite of memories and my sketches. I've been to China 4 times now, always through invitations for art events, and spent a month at the Great Wall on a painting Fellowship in 2016. This painting is about the ancient aspects of China and the modern, and I wanted to convey that I saw China as full of colour and life, hence the title 'Waterfalls of Colour.'
98 x 72 cm, acrylic on canvas.