Painting in the Dafen Museum, Shenzhen, China 2019

Article text
My painting, on the right wall, in the Dafen Museum, Shenzhen.
I was selected for the Dafen 1st Biennale with my painting 'Social Integration, Peace and Opening Up.' It was exhibited first at the Red Cube Public Museum in Shenzhen (November 30th - December 20th 2018) and then the whole exhibition moved to the Dafen Museum, Shenzhen (December 26th - February 20th 2019). There were 288 paintings on show and of those 64 were by artists outside China. I was very pleased to see that my painting had a wall to itself. I was not able to go to China due to some other exhibition commitments and the organisers kindly sent me some photos. I feel that the pale grey wall is a good background for my painting. More photos can be seen in the album called Dafen 1st International Oil Painting Biennale.