This was the second exhibition of the Dafen 1st International Oil Painting Biennale.

Painting in the Dafen Museum, Shenzhen, China 2019

My painting, on the right wall, in the Dafen Museum, Shenzhen.
I was selected for the Dafen 1st Biennale with my painting 'Social Integration, Peace and Opening Up.' It was exhibited first at the Red Cube Public Museum in Shenzhen (November 30th - December 20th 2018) and then the whole exhibition moved to the Dafen Museum, Shenzhen (December 26th - February 20th 2019). There were 288 paintings on show and of those 64 were by artists outside China. I was very pleased to see that my painting had a wall to itself. I was not able to go to China due to some other exhibition commitments and the organisers kindly sent me some photos. I feel that the pale grey wall is a good background for my painting. More photos can be seen in the album called Dafen 1st International Oil Painting Biennale.