Invited to do a painting Fellowship in China

Painting Fellowship in China, August 2016

I have received an invitation to do a month's Fellowship at The Schoolhouse, in Mutianyu, China. This is a truly exciting prospect on many levels! My series of ink paintings on rice paper, made since my trip to China last September (during the 6th Beijing International Art Biennale) has been pivotal to my ongoing work, and this series was inspired by a trip to the Great Wall of China. While my ink paintings don't reference directly the Wall, they translate the experience of the environment for me in a very personal way. I am really pleased that I will get the chance to go back to the Wall, though in a different area, and to explore my initial responses and visual ideas much more deeply, and in a variety of mediums and supports - inks, paper, canvas, wood, acrylics, gouaches, watercolours and whatever else I may source locally!