Portrait Workshop for a 12th-Year class

Portrait Workshop at Skinners Kent Academy, Kent

'Alice,' watercolour and gouache on paper (5 colour demonstration)
Last week I went to Skinners Kent Academy (Tunbridge Wells, Kent) to do a portrait workshop for the 12th Year pupils. I took along two demonstration portraits which I had painted on paper with acrylic, as I knew that the pupils were working with these materials. The first task we did was to paint part of a face (their own, from a photo), using only red, black and white and the shades that could be mixed from these three colours. The second task involved making a second portrait, with the addition of yellow and blue. I demonstrated how many colours could be mixed using just 5 colours, and explained my process in making both my portraits: light to dark, simple blocking in of colour with a large brush. Both tasks were completed in the 2 hours, and with wonderful results.