Mark Rothko residency. 14th September to 26th September 2012

Mark Rothko Residency.

'I Pushed the Rain Away.'
I have been selected to do a residency at the birthplace of Mark Rothko, in Daugavpils, Latvia. I am one of 15 artists selected from around the world. We are being provided with accommodation, meals, a studio, and paints, and will be involved in artistic debates and lectures. There will be a tour of the Mark Rothko collection and talk about the artist. There will also be an exhibition of the two or more paintings we will each make, on September 25th, (Mark Rothko's birthday) and also a catalogue of our work. We each have to give a presentation of our work.

I am so looking forward to this, as it will extend my working practice and ideas.

I have included a link to the website on my links page.