I love to 'go missing' in the landscape, forgetting everything, just feeling my own space and getting back in touch with myself again. I often find that today's life is so busy and it can be hard to find time connect fully with nature or your inner world. This inner world of imagination and fantasy combined with experiences from travels and places are pivotal aspects of my work. There is also an underlying narrative to many of my paintings and some reflect on the search for those quiet places, thoughts on the transience of life, people and places remembered.

While I paint to enter my own space again, often this means feeling my way emotionally through imaginary landscapes as a metaphor for experiencing movement through actual landscapes which may be remembered or totally inspired by materials. It's always a journey, I want to be surprised and to see my 'paint tracks' as equivalents for an emotional journey. The challenge always is to find a form for these tracks and the experience of allowing them to emerge is as real as being in nature. The process of making a painting is an important aspect of my work.Much of my artwork explores the overlapping of meanings of things felt and seen and my reflections on them.

Often I overlap landscape and still life elements to convey the sense that everything is connected and feelings are a fluid stream though may appear separate from moment to moment. This is why I chose to paint various landscape elements and sometimes still life shapes as incidents across colours or as references to convey this one-ness.

Recent trips to China and a painting Fellowship next to the Great Wall of China led to a deepening interest in calligraphy which I am exploring through a series of ink paintings inspired by living next to the Great Wall of China. Calligraphic marks combined with specific colours evoke and create new places for me to exlore.

While mostly landscape inspired, my paintings may contain references to cityscapes and the female form, and often abstract elements emerge.