My paintings always express my interest in the immediacy and emotional expression of colour and brush strokes.. I enjoy spontaneity and the emergence of the unexpected. A recent trip to China and a painting Fellowship next to the Great Wall of China has led to a deepening interest in calligraphy which I am exploring through a series of ink paintings. Many of my ink paintings were inspired by the Great Wall and the ideas from this ongoing series have influenced my paintings on canvas. I like the directness of starting with some fluid brushstrokes and colours and allowing the painting to suggest a place.

There is often an underlying reference to landscapes, cityscapes, and the female form. In particular, mountains have always inspired me and reflect my idea of my paintings being a journey through paint. But often I will start from a memory, word, phrase, or the painting evolves organically into its own world.

"Like the picture surface, colour has an inherent life of its own. A picture comes into existence on the basis of the interplay of this dual life. In the act of predominance and assimilation, colours love or hate each other, thereby helping to make the creative intention of the artist possible."
(Hans Hofmann)